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FLIGHT SCHOOL... Beyond the Basics

Beginning/Intermediate Level Day - Long Workshop 12-4 pm

Move Me studio, San Rafael, CA 1320

4th St, San Rafael, CA 94901


Out, beyond the basics......

In a galaxy far far away......

You can fly.....


Join Raina Satori for Flight School, an intermediate/advance CI workshop focusing on all the elements you need as a dancer to create lifts, take rides, and land gracefully.   We'll explore the elements of the skeletal structure that need to be in place to be a strong base, the crucial and powerful force of momentum and how it can make you twice as strong, and the ever so subtle art of recognizing opportunities for flight and making invitations.  We will also dive deep into what it means to fall UP and how you can achieve this endlessly useful Jedi skill.



Student Rate

$65 - .




$75.00  - Feeling solid financially, able to support the arts and deeply in love with dancing.




$85.00 -  Feeling abundant! Actively contributing to your retirement fund and willing to support the arts. Also, deeply in love with dancing.

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