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How I Define Contact Improvisation:

"What is contact improv? Many people answer this in many different ways. My simple answer is: 'Contact Improv is the love child of TaiChi, Wrestling, and Tango.' It's a form that began as an experiment by and has unfolded over the past 25 years. It involves being in contact with another body and staying present with yourself and your partner while sharing weight and space.

There are no "moves" persay, just the laws of anatomy and physics and even those sometimes appear to be surpassed.  Dancers, while remaining in contact, move with one another in response to internal impulses and to the other person's movement. This can happen on the floor, standing or "flying" which involves one person being lifted into the air. It is a very physcially and mentally engaging form because each moment is alive with possiblity.  You never know what's going to happen next. You are dancing the mystery and are therefore fully arrived in the present moment.



My CI Philosophy and what makes

my approach unique:

I offer contact as a "play meditation".  A chance to enounter your personal dynamic of relation to "other".  I teach to the room, meaning, I don't show up with an agenda that I then place upon the people there. I am there in service to who is in class and what thier needs are.

I put a strong focus on learning to communicate ones boundaries and what it means to give "appropriate touch." I teach with a touch  of humor and levity which often helps immensly with some of the awkwardness that can happen in dance situations. 

" Play - Meditation "

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Raina Satori, passionate playful soul, is a veteran teacher of workshops and classes for the last 20 years in the Bay Area. She teaches contact because of her strong desire to create playful and meaningful connections between people and to weave a tighter tapestry of connection within ecstatic dances. She is a featured teacher at various dance retreats and festivals in California. Her teaching is strongly influenced by Martin Keogh, Anna Halprin and Constantine Darling. 


Raina balances the structure and athleticism of contact improv with the sensitivity of her practices in movement meditation to bring participants to full presence and create breakthrough experiences all the while being playful and light. Her blending of theater improv, expressive arts, contact improv and site specific nature dance provides a creative, inspired structure to connect in a deep and artistic way. 


Raina Satori is also the creatrix and captain of the Shamanic Cheerleaders, CEO of Rana Satori Design and member of the cabaret clown troupe FouFouHa! She has been featured in Yoga Journal Magazine, Conscious Dancer Magazine, Marin IJ, Project 52 and the San Francisco Chronicle for her creative, ingenious expressions in dance and performance art. 

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